Storage architectures and Data Transfer systems

for BigData and Exascale Computing

Modern storage systems need to handle the continuously increasing complex requirements coming from BigData, IoT and extreme scale parallel applications. The correct design of their architecture is a multi-dimensional problem that deeply influence the data center performances and its complexity increases if heterogeneous applications are supported. For the most demanding use cases, a distributed approach can be a solution and in this case the role of the adopted data transfer solutions become as crucial as the systems used at sites to store the data. The aim of the SDT session is to provide a forum to exchange experiences and promote discussion about storage solutions adopted, at both datacenter and distributed infrastructures levels, to efficiently handle and transfer data in reliable, fault tolerant environments. Papers concerning both hardware and software solutions will be considered.

Important Dates:

Paper submission:   10th Sep 2018 5th Oct 2018 15th Oct 2018 30th Oct 2018
Acceptance notification:   17th Oct 2018 15 Nov 2018 23rd Nov 2018 27th Nov 201830th Nov 2018
Camera ready due:   12th Nov 2018 15th Dec 2018 19th Dec 2018
Conference: 13th - 15th Feb 2019


    Notification extended
    November 27, 2018
    November 30, 2018

    July 21, 2018:
    List of accepted special sessions

    July 21, 2018:
    Call for paper available


We encourage the submission of papers dealing (but not limited to) the following list of topics:
  • Heterogeneous, multi-tier storage systems architectures and performances
  • Distributed and Parallel File systems for BigData applications
  • Scalable storage solutions for Exascale and extreme scale Computing
  • Storage solutions and data transfers systems for IoT applications
  • Advanced data transfers systems in distributed environment
  • P2P data transfers systems
  • Geo-Replication and Content Delivery Network solutions
  • Smart caching solutions in distributed systems
  • Technologies for storage media
  • Smart interfaces and mobile support for data transfer services
  • Metadata management services
  • Energy-aware storage solutions
  • I/O latency optimization in heterogeneous storage systems
  • Storage Disaster Recovery and Disaster Prevention

Programme Co-chairs:

Daniele Cesini, Italian Institute for Nuclear Physics, CNAF department

Vladimir Sapunenko, Italian Institute for Nuclear Physics, CNAF department

Programme Committee: